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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 11, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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aks,nd, uh, swapver? that's right. instead of a this that've already-? yeah. what are we gonna do with these? ep it at your de, and sa it for next time. geico. over 75 years of savings and servic win next week, they'll head to the superbowl in miami. good evening and thank you for joining us at 10, i'm j r stone and i'mjustine waldman san francisco's defense dominated from start to finish the 49 ers won 27 to 10. >>and for a breakdown of this game 're joined now by our
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sports director mark carpenter what a ge do in miami just an amang victory for this 49 ers team and thiswas a game or san francisco showed why they are the number one seed took full adntage of the bye week they look rested they look for fresh they look like theyare ready to go to miami here we go now the 49 er faithful have been waiting for this moment, the niners back in the postseason for the first time since 2013 hosting the vikings in the divisional rod for their playoff debut at levi levi stadium here we go t'shead to santa cra. >>all the greats in the building joe montana four-time super bowl champion. first 49 s drive. jimmy garoppolo starting his first ayoff gae 5 for 6 right off the bat, including a strike to kendrick bourne niners up 7 z. it's suing vikings drive. kirk cousins with his own response 32. deep stefon diggs a callow witherspoon falls down digs a 41 yard touchdown weatherspoon. problems in the
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secondary he was pulled from the game 3 manual mosley immediately after the show to make a change now 2nd quarter tevin colemaneasy money from a yard out 1410 san francisco at the half and then after the break the defense just took over cousins off target chardsherman jumps the route interceptiothe veteran corner with a huge play and then. to get the celeation going why not a photo opportunity in the end zone, the niners proceeded to run t ball 8 straight times, the final being from 2 yards out comb in his second touchdown 2410 the 49 ers starting to impose theirill in the 4th niners of 17 self gets to cousins for one of san francisco's 6 sacks bosso had to al by himself ithat the lines they were having a good time everyone at levi's having a good time how shanahan very happy as he gets his first playoff wias a head coach his dad mike enjoyi it from moving on to thnfc title
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game next sunday at santa clara final score 271d they held the vikings to 7 1st downs. >>rushed 47 times for 186 yards, let's get reaction fr >>we've got the team that got over 30 rounds and wi this game and we truly look at that as a team goal a i mean again 47 and on offensend. lot easier to do another team goes to 12 on 3rd down and and where % of only an appeal to get 10 and when you just see that way the defense's plan. it's so much easier stay wi that and the whole team kind fat often. >>and the schedule works out nicely for the 49 ers play the extra day of prep tomorrow to watch packers. seahawks and see which team they'll face in the nfc championship game jr justne it's ing to be rocking next sunday at levi's no matter who's playing at that stage i just can't get her to stop talking about the super bowone game at a time right make it all the way is already with all the hype over this vikings team yetto see
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the niners do what they did toay. >>that was something special alweek long you know the thinking was that the viings would keep it competitive right to havea very good running back with dalvin cook but shutting dow >>dalvin cook was the key to this entire game. he saw how they forced it to kirk cousins to make biplays early on ght, he's thrown it all the time the offensive line there a gasin the 40 niners defens look srefreshed 6 cks and also to kwonlexander d for making an impact the are ready for is moment and it feels as if this 49 ers team is something special d even they get tomorrow to watch the games and rest before having to play next week that rest is ally. >>helping them that is enormous and let's factor in the seahawks-packers they're going to be playg in the snow at lambeau field that is gng to be an ugly physical exhausting me. so the niners get to eoy the day off or were on a lot collude to the dogs tomorrow, thank you so much, ile the niners fans, they're all super excited levi stadium was actually ld out
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today, the parking lot also packed with people who are tailgating kron ur's dan thorn have one of the best jobsin the business today, he was out th those fans at levi's and picks up that part of the story. >>40 niners faithful got exactly what ey wanted a big win against the vikings anda bowl. ep closer to the super >>e 40 niners have their fans fired up. the first plyoff game at levi's bringing plenty of faithf t fill the stadium as well as the tailgates we're about to start whole nelegacy by now real back fans enjoy mily friends anfood, but feasted their eyes on total domination the 40 niners easily taking re of the we are the best thing we do better. loud and proudots of sming faces left the stadium, you can expect it even more electric atmosphere when e 49 ers host the nfc championship game next week went on to my of my m other
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way on the wa to miami and just what will it take to get to miami to denver to tonight when run the ball >>eah you think hey need to run the ball, san francisco be hosting the winner of sunday's game between the seattle seahawks and the green bay packers, this is the first time in 6 years the 40 niners will be playing in e nfc championship game reporting at levi stadi. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>so you might recognize some big ti famous eople atthe game today. a lot of niners fans in attendance there they certainly we joe montana was at levi's stadium today, montana, the great 49 ers quarerback who was for an all super bowls for 11 touchdowns no interceptions in the games also us olympic champion gold medast kristi yamaguchi was there today as well former mission, san jose high school gradte also mister bang bang, 9 or ga eve, 40 was there and of
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course it would not be a party without formerll pro reiver and super bowl chpion jerry rice ing this facebook video for the ners before the game it was all about the night her family today, kiddingand then we have much more on that niners big win. still ahead here on kron 4 news at 10 and you can find much more coverage, including ghlights. kron 4 dot com. n our website >>and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast for your saturday night live look outside in the east bay over berkeley tracking clear skie berkeley tracking clear skie calm conditions and dry storm exited anotheone just amound thcorner, let's take look at temperatures out there right now already cooling down into the 40's with the exception of half moon bay. pretty mild out there right now in the low 50's but the coldest city in santarosa 39 degrees as you step outside for your saturday night but we're going to see widespad 30's not just in the north bay, but also for most of our interior valleys a
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little b milder throughout the bay area shoreline low o mid 40's. so tonight is going to be one of the chilliest night that we're going to see inthe next couple of days and wakep planner forecast is going to show increase in tomorrow as another storm makes its wainto the bay area impacting th2nd half of your weekend. details on that becau the storm door is wide open and more rain is heading our way more coming up in my full forecast in just a minutes. sharon justine back to you. >>thanks so much snow. we go to thesouth bay were cars now covered in bullet holes on the california highway patrol s vestigating a shooting that happened earlier this morning on one oh one sa jose. officialsay it happened just after midnight to the chp says chp and the suspect then wed their window and opened fire. the woman was
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injured from broken glass, but rit now the's no description of the suspect or the suspects car at this time. an instigation ongoing. >>police in palo alto are now fering a reward for iormation leading to the arrest of 3 suspects wantedin connectiowith an armed robbery at a safeway store on friday. officials say 3 men described to be in their 20's smash thway through a door to the pharmacy at the back of the store on middlefield road. one of the suspects had a gun and ordered one of the workers to theground while others took an undetermined amount of drugs. police said the suspects got away in a red four-door chevpickup truck. they were lat seen headed east on the oregon expressway. well this highs mes just days after another daring smash and grab burglary at stanford shoppingenter. thiev use rocks to smash display caseof bloongdale's repordly got away with $80,000 worth of merchandise. olice aren't saying if the 2 cases are
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connected >>the surreal moment. it's also a very vivid moment m looking at thsun and i'm looking as e sun beginning to said and i'm looking at. wow to see year ago was rainy and wet kids just being kids and. >>today marks one year since a fatal crash involvg 6 teenagers that happened on lone tr way near indian hill drive in antioch. >>survivors family and friends gathered at that site earlier today kron four's gayle ong s there brings us t story. >>it was the first time 17 year old willie logan has stepped foot at t fatal crash site comnly this on this r you. >>the and the obviously with e he was the 18 year-d the robbery deal with soon followed bothare 2 of survivors of the crash logan
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lost his leg dilbert suffered shlder and leg injuries. it teens were passengers of the suv leavinga football game from deer valley higschool it was a rainy night when the suv slammed into a tree on lone ee way near indiahill drive 2 teenagers ed the other 4 critically hurt. >>it was later determined wet roads and speed were a factor, i'm thinking aboutthe other 2. >>that lost their lives j m. iranian to us. they can about their families exactly one year later family and friends gathered at the site honoring the 2 lives lost and sharing sties of survival and s. >>know as a as miracle buff just feel blessed that gas in my life our lives. >>this gaering was also reunion and meet d greet of me sort also our first meeting the fami of the otr surviving passengers. it's another reminder that we need to lead a brace ourkids level in life love on them
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much as we can and also remember to teachthem in on the proper rules of the ro. in the safety. the more safer more cautious. >>the other 2 survivors could not make it to the gathering because of were cast for the 2 th showed up there are retail worth graduated high school last ye and is going graduate from antioch high l school in june. in the newsroom, gayle ong kron 4 news. >>still ahead on kron 4 news powerful aftershock just days after a 6.4 maitude earthquake. comi up at 1030 we'll have more on the damage and recovery effos now derway. >>plus new delopments today after a judge order a group of homeless mothers and open to leave a vacant home but e company that owns the home has now offered and why the mothers called that offer an insult and a new proposal to tackle the homeless isis in sonoma county for the
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>>the whole spectrum of ople out on streets as people who want to make life tter for people who just stop caring and they're still in drug syicate. >>sonoma county's growing heless crisis is on the mind of residents and the board of supervisors. seral proposals are out there to tackle the problem. one of the eas as the county possibly purchasing
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3 new homes for homeless people to shre that foed him to call shows us the homes that are under consideration and shows reaction from neigors who live close by. >>8.11 avis street in santa rosa is one of 3 houses the sonoma county board of supervisors is considering for its proposed shared housing program for the homeless. nathan lives next door and is against the plan. he poins to the safety and sanitation problems already caused bthe people living in a growing homeless encampment arod the corner under the highway one o one overss nathan lieves atever funds the county would commit to the proposed the spent more efficiently this. >>almost $6 million for 60 people. that doesn't go far that over >>and rolyn kedall area was homeless for close to 4 years before moving into her sister'apartment for months ago, she lives across from the send house under consideration for purchase by the county. it's locaed at 8.66 sonoma avenue in santa
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rosa one block away from the police department and next door to where rehabilitation and mental health facility an church she supports the shared housing proposal we need to help you know because i know lot of that we keep the place you know clean and at's what we need we need to screen these people and bring hiinto this you know. >>environme a good. >>you kw, and it's wonderful, although county supervisor lead to hopkins says rules for the homes would be enforced by professional property management neighbors near 8190 arthur street in kentucky say thats not to the 3rd piece of property. the county is looking into it actually has 3 units that are done says the county would used to house up to people are very much concerned for my my wife his own way, she's a bartender and. >>the 3 o'clock in the morning, she comes home, i here the board of supervisors will discuss the proposal further at its next meeting on
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tuesday. >>in sonoma county felipe should all kron 4 news. >>today the company that owns the home in oakland where a group ofhomeless mothers have been living has offered to y to shelter them. this comes after a udge ordered them to move out. even though the mom say they are not going anywhere. on friday in alama county superior court jud ruled the moms have no valid have to leave within 5 days or face eviction a spokesperson for wedgwood properties which judgemade the right call. but the moms r the housing grpsay this is just the beginning of a movement to bring awareness to a housing crisis which favors the rich er the poor. it follows what ethics and morals or to protect people's homes and protect people's properties. the squatters wrongly took over his ho they broke into it. we enurage them to leave
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peacefully can voluntarily this is what we're up against. >>a corporation who will put mothers and their children out into the street thinking that it is the moral and right thing to do. >>the judge's order indates the moms can be forcibly removed fr the house and 5 days. that's why they've asked their supporters to join them at the hou starting on moay morning. >>and today wedgwood properes says it is willing to pay catholic charities to house the woman for the next 2 months. this way they can find new accommodations and the company says it will also pay for their belongings to be moved in a statement, the company said what o hears and understands that the individual's illegally in its home are sayingwhat ey are saying, but i cannot condone theft. we urged the grou to leave peacefullyand vontarily dominique walker who is one of the moms responded in a statement saying this it is deeply disingenuous for this multimillion dollar corporation through their multimillion-dollar pubc
10:20 pm
relations firm to ptend to be concerned about the well-being black families. she goes on to say that wha what is contributing to the housing crisis. walker says that the mom's want to buy the home to the oaand community land trust but says wedgwood would quote rather see ou kids be in shelters or worse. she finishes bysang that the offer is an insult. >>time now toturn our attention to weather. i s talking with a rerter gail ong tonight. she was out in antioch and alshe said was it is freezg outside definitely feeling like winter out there, yeah and it's because of that exiting storm leading might a very cool and dry air mass but another one just around the corne we're going to have. >>3 storms mang its way into the bay area within the next 7 days, the first one that will arrive tomorrow so that will bring us about a 10th of an inch of rain or less the second one a little bit stronger about aquarter of an inch of rain or less for mos of the bay area, but this 3rd stronger storm ll arrive the middleof next week where we couldn't get about an inch of rain or less and gusty wind
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speeds as well so expect widespread wind advisories wednesday through thursday with scattered showers continuing for friday as wel let's break down this first storm hour by hour and you'll see by midmorning sunday. >>we are going to notice some light bands of rain making its way into the north bay and it's gng to hang tight for the rest of the bay area goin to be dry for your morning and early fternoon but then we're going to notice a spotty scattered showers by around 6 o'clock in the evening where we could get some pretty decent dopours for those of you along the san francisco peninsula. but really just about 10th of an inch of rain or le and then we are going to start to dry out and begin to clear up by sunday night and thefor your monday morning we're going to notice cool temperatus ce again as that storm exits let's take a live look outside from the south bay and we are noticing san jose very clear calm and dry conditions. the storm tracker 4 right now shing that drying trend and cooling trenout there ght now in the bay area, widespread 40's but we're going to e widespread 30'sn the north
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bay and for most of our interior valleywith low to mid 40's throughout the bay area's shoreline so daytime highs in the d 50's so we are going to be right about where we should be tempature as we te a look ahead at our d 10 at 10 outlook tracking some more wet weather possible even for your martin luther king junior weekend. >>next weekend. so plan ahead. all right, thank you so much. coming up here on kron 4 news passenger jet crash that eadly killed 176 people many o the victims are canadian. what the prime nister of caada is now doing in honor of the victims and more crime is happeng on barred next we'll look at how crime rates trump:hose pre-existing
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conditions are protected. vo: broken promise. trump repeatedly tried t undermine coverage for 134 millioamericans with pre-existing conditions. mike: "he just doesn't car if you have a pre-existing condition he wants to deny you access to coverage. if he is re-elected, 'll keep trying to do that and i think we can't let at happen."
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vo: as president, mikeill lower costs, and otecamerics with pre-existing conditions. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve th message.
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>>a newly releasedeport finds that cri is up on bart last year bar sawan 11% increase overall in crime compre that to 2018 and a 4% increase in violent crime about 60% of that violent crime is related to the thef of electronic devices. bart says its plan tofight this type of crime is to hire 12 new sworn officers and 10 new armed ambassadors. monday in an di bass and a program that's going to be 22 re bodies, 22 more eyes and or presence in the new safety in our sysm. >>so you will start seeing those 12 neofficers on monday and the 10 new ambassadors will start next mont this is all part of the
10:26 pm
bart new police chief and his plan to fight crime. >>yes, speaking of that police chief another big change a park. the new police chief ed alvarez is an east banative o spent his entire 22 year career with bart. or as was selected. following a nationwide search newbart board president latifa simon. call them a compassionate leader who is commied to the ideals of 21th century policing. alvarez says he plans to make immediate changes to barred. amonthem increasing officers presence ontrains. well next on kron 4 news at 10 as tensions between iran and the us continue to eslate iran now admitting it shot down a passenger jet killing everyone on board. >plus a look at the damage in puer rico after 2 powerful earthquakes hit the country in a matter of days fi out how california is now helping with recovery efforts and tracking another round of teen ties for
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the 2nd haf of your weekend in addition out high
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>>wecome back to kron 4 news at 10 another large eartuake has rocked puerto rico. today a 5.9 quake was reported on the southwest part of the island. this comes just days after a 6.4 earthquake hit the island, ing at least one person and knocng out power virtually all of puerto rico
10:30 pm
today's quake has caed the landslide. and more outages across the island. there have been no immediate reports injuries, go to newsome says disaster specialists to help in the recovery process. >>iran says is its at fault for a deadly passenger jet crashed ukrainian airlines flight 7.52 crashed on runs airport killing 176 rom 2 people most of themcanadian citizens and this is video from just moments after that crash. it came only hours after iran fid missiles at iraqi military basesthat house us troops are on calls and a disastrous mistake that was made in response to us foreign policy. >>melissa rainy has details. >>everybody that i think doesn't make it a ron admitting it mistakenly shot down a ukrainian airlines flight wednesday killing all 176 people on bord the crash came hours after iran fired
10:31 pm
missiles at iraqi military bases housing us troops at move in retaliation for us order drone strike at the baghdad airport at killed iranian commander qassem soleimani iran's foreign minister tweeted saturday quote human err a time of crisis caused by a us adventurism lead to disaster our profound regrets apologies the families of all victims e. and 2 other affected nations one of those affected nations canada. 63 canadians were on board ight 7.52. >>and has admitted to him it's very serious. the shooting down a civilian aircraft. it is horric. response of it. >>cadian prime minister justin trudeau says canada will assist inthe crash investigation. >>he says both canada and iran are committed tbringing closure to the victims families i reiterated to prsident rouhani that it is absolutely necessary that canada participate in this
10:32 pm
investigation. >>we expect e full cooperation of iranian authorities. >>trucesumbers of canada standing rapid deployment team are expected to arrive saturday to assist the families of canadian victim i'm melissa rainy reporting. a top commander in iran says he has now requested all mmercial flights in the country to be grounded until tensions cool off but the armed forces and a government and aviation authorities there chose not to do so anthe ukrainian airlines plane was misidentifi as a cruise missile by air defens operator. >>in canada, an antir rally was held outside the us consulate in winnipeg day. protesters sathey are opposed to any participation by canada unquo. further us aggression against iraq. th also pose the presence of nato military forces in iraq, protests as part of a day of action called for by the canadian peace alliance, let's take a live lo outside right
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now to talk about our 4 zone recast here is the city of san francisco along the bay bridge from the embarcero. >>looking nice tonight so one may be chillingout a little after the 49 ers win. >>as i drove to work today. i will tell you it was packed along the streets insan francisco. so many people are watching e game. we're joined by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez to break down the weather forecast quiet now, but you said it could change in the coming days to yeah, definitely so we are going to notice someeak storm is making its way into the bay area but then pretty significant winter storm set to arrive by the middle of this upcoming weekend edition of that tracking keen tides along the coastline in bay area shoreline the high tide ti for tomorrow will be shortly before your new much time hours so we could see the high tide as high as 7 feet. >>with low de at around 6.30 for your sunday nit in adtion to that there is a high surf advisory that is in effect right now and it will remain in effect through around sunday afternoon whe we could see breaking waves as highas 25 people fortunately, coastal flooding is
10:34 pm
expected with this round of teen tides. olden gate bridge out there right now smooth sailing calm clear conditions very chilly though already cooling down into the 40's for st of the bay area, 39 degrees right now for those of yoin santa rosa in the north and you'rgoing to be near freezing for your overnight lows as his napa widespread 's for most of our interior valleys, but a little bit milder throughout the bay area shoreline low to mid 40's. so it is going to be one of the illiest night so i'm tracking in the next 7 days but then by or sunday afteron reunding very nicely 55 degrees for your afternoon highs for downtown san francis. so right about where we should be temperature wise for this time of year daly city in the lo's half moon bay 56 degrees when spees com to breezy around 20 miles per hour or less brisbane a burlingame 53 degrees for the 2nd half of your weekend san mateo in foster city, 54 degrees a little bit milder for those of you in palo alto though in the upp 40's with widespread low tmid and upper 50's for those of you in the south bay,
10:35 pm
san jose 57 degrees. but santa clara, 53 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs. let's zoom on in into the east bay livermore 55 degrees hayward 57 and for those of y know remember aga in the low 50's but daille in san ramon, a little bit milder 49 degrees d we are going to notice some ght scattered showers about a 10th of an inch of rain or less arrivg first for those of you in the north bay by your sunday morning napa 54 degrees sonoma 53 degrees for your afternoon highs in santa rosa, 56 deees for the2nd half of your weekend. so let's take a look ahd at your next 10 at 10 outlook and you could see storm number 2 will arrive on monday night through tuesday bringing us some light scattered rain about a quarter of inch of rainr less but we are going to notice a pretty substantial midwinter storm arriving wednesday through friday expect about an inch of rain or less and wind gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour less so tracng widespread wind advisoes as well and then we are going to
10:36 pm
start to dry out by friday but let's take a look at your full mlk weekend it looks like mlk monday oking great for martin luther king junior day drier conditions. but we are noticing this pattern of very unsettled weather in the coming days and eacstorm gets significantly, bigger as the days approach, so we have to watch out fowednesday's a plan looks like the big one is the big one vy concerned something i was live this past week up in thnorth bay and sometimes when this stuff comes down. >>the ra just comes down in doesn't get the right dynamics and ingredients in place it certainly does that luckily i had bros this time just and about the umbrellas are joining yes actually it looked like >>more news now as mercy high hool one of san francisco's last all-girls catholic schools announced that it wi close at the end of the hool year. in a statement the school said classe and activities will continue as normal mursi's focus right now
10:37 pm
is on the students faculty and staff, the school added that will also help transition currenand prosptive students to other schools. mercy high school's last day will be on june 1st. >>coming up next on kron 4 news at 10 new documents boeing were saying about the 7.37 max plane. before those 2 >>and tesla making histo ce again which rerd the
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 over a 100 internal documents released by boeing reveal how workers really felt abo the company's 7.37 max airplane. that aircraft was grounded early last year following 2 fatal crashes that killed 346 people reid binion has more on the concerns expressedby employees. >>boeing is apologizing r a series of unfiltered in crud communications between employees, the company released e-mails and insta messages in which workers riculed the 7.37 max's regulatory certification and even the plane's ability to fly saly and email from april 2017 a month before the first version of theplane was certified gives a glimpsof the doubts of one employee who wrote in part quote this rplane is designed by clons w in turn are supervised monkeys boeing launched the 7.37 max as the xt generation of its planes. >>the company's chief
10:41 pm
technical pilot stressed that simulator training should not be required to transitn to the 7.37 max writing in 2017 email quote will go face to face with any regulator who tries to make that requirement. but boein employees had eir doubts in 18 1 worker wrote to another quot would you putyour family on a max simulator the otr employee wrote back t no. a former boeing employee expressed his concerns to management saying recommendations to shut down production because of mistakes and cut corners fell on deaf ears. >>what i saw again was just a factory in disarray and we had a lot ofthings going on as i meioned congress and hose problems contue to cascade for many months. >>reid binion kron 4 news poll. he says the internal messages are unaccetable and do not reflect the company they are or need to be. the fda said in a tatement that it did not find any new safety concerns in the newly released
10:42 pm
documents >>your money tonight tesla has made history once again by becoming the most valuable us automaker ever. the palo alto-based company's shares reachea market value of 86 and a half billion dollars thattops ford motor compa's record high of just ove$76 billion for shares that was in 199 this is a very impressive jump considering that tesla had a 52 week low last june. the us automaker ill has lot of ground to cover to become the most valuable automaker in the world. toyota has the market value of about billion volkswagen is about 100 billion. >>kron 4 news at 10 this year is a popular estination this time of year where you and your docan enjoy the snow on tonht's edition of flying te us. >>and isports. the 49 ers are headed to the nfc championship ame orcaenter
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>>and make some jokes about like there was some football game toght. was a big deal when someone won super bowl i am heretalking about it non-op how about it niners vikgs right it was a good game. i watche yeah and now let's see let the favor
10:46 pm
exactly now the 49 ers one game and one win away from a >>super ball. >>birth and where mark harper joins us to break it all down did you ear about this game, there's a football game what i remember it. yeah it happened on the santa clara, one of the teams were white and purple rain and then beat the saints, but you know, i'll say this at the end of the reular season, the river all those close games of the 49 ers had where th were tense. they went dn to the final play blood pressure was raised each time are watching this team tod something refreshing from the 40 niners, a dominant winow coming into today's divisional playoff game the minnesota vikings were thought tobe a real threat to t 40 niners that was not the case today and the niners showed why. >>they are the number one seed andall the great in the building joe montana 4 time super bowl champion dan bowens one of the heroes of super bowl 16, sounding the g horn. first 49 ers dry jimmy garoppolo starting his first
10:47 pm
playoff ga. 5 for 6 off the bat, strike to kendrick bourne. niners up 7 zip it suing vikings drive a minnota response know kirk cousins, 3rd into going to take a shot here stefan diggs callow weatherspoon on the coveragells down digs a 41 yard touchdown. in the 40 niers forced to make a chane at quarterback witherspo pulled from the game free manu mosley immiately after the d quarter. tevin leman the runningack easy money a yard out 14 san francisco in full stride but near the end of the half. her awful, a mistake here doesn't see eric kendricks in coverage linebacker snagged the intercepion that led to minnesota field goal. 1410 niners and a half it seemed thatshould ve led by more than 5. but out of the eak the defense can just took over. cousins, the run game was not there so he was thrown a lot today off target richard sherman jumps interception the veteran corner with a huge play and then enjoys a photo
10:48 pm
off inthe end zone let's get the celebration staed alreadas the 49 ers posed kyle shanan's smelling blood heran the ball 8 straight times, the final being from 2 yardout tevin coleman is second touchdown 2410 the 40 niners imposing their willand then in the 4th 2710 san francisco nick bosa it's the cousins for one of the 9 or 6 expos ahead to in the d line having a good old time. the cows shanahan, very happy as he gets his first playoff win as a head coach, his dad mike enjoying it from e suite in the 40 niners moving on the nfc championship game next sunday at levi's final score 27 9 yes a rush for a 186 yards and the defense held the vikings to oy 7 first dos, let's check in with the team. >>getting the back and getting caught on. just having them on the field this it's completely different energy. energy we had early in the year everything has got to go
10:49 pm
to another level, >>individually and i was taken up in press and joy today, and that's on the stand we've got another the team the business. >>niners await the winners of packers seahas now in the afc tonight, top seed or even though e wild card titans lamar jackson, not his best performance 1st quaer jackson deep over the middle it goes off mark andrews. picked off by ken by our jackson turned it over times this one set up a touchdn 14 6 titans at the break 3rd quter derrick henry. unstoppable again braks off a 66 yard run finishing with a 195 yards on 30 carries. an then on the ne play henry lining up in the shotgun. the jump pass its corey davis 3 yards out for the td make it like grable and the rything xth-seeded wild card titans
10:50 pm
upset the top-seeded ravens the team with the best record in football. his ason, 2812 tennessee, awaits the winner of chiefs tans that is for the afc title and justine that as you lok at sports back to you. thank you so much rket. >>now this time of year a lo of people are heading to the sierra for winter fun. manof them like to bring their four-legged companions in this edition of ying tales we will show you what it's like to fly to a dog friendly destination right near lake tahoe. >>well nthn catifornia and snow canyon is the spot where tv ns crews stand in the snow to talk about. runway here. so at 5,283eet above sea level almost exactly one mile in elevation. there's a nice hit an airfield sitting among the pine trees, it's a perfect place to activate my onboard cameras for the 26.7 mile trip over donner pass to truckee airport. a man going
10:51 pm
me go full throttle for ke off heading on a slight uphill incline on the 3300 foot long runway. >>the big surprise for us and especially for dvers that you fly right over interstate 80 just seconds after liftoff. >>carroll missed a shot with her phone. >>within a couple of minutes, we're heading east >>carroll takes pictures why keep an eye on the terrain. >>it's almost always a lile bumpy going over the sierra i have my head on a swivel looking foother aircraft. >>the times carol and i look like a couple of mere chce making sure all is clear. >>they were flying over donner ke and beginning our descent into truckee. >>the airport is in the truckee meadows wide flat space with plenty of room. >>i turn for final on runway tonight landing into the wind >>and i must say considering thpumping conditions moments
10:52 pm
earlier. i prey much greece to land. >>itactually passed the heavy iron private jets to the transit and parking area for the little gu like us. >>what is and mango now freed om the plane mango heads off on a mission of discovery while there's plenty of snow on the nearby ki slopes there's nomuch here on the ground in truckee. >>take a ride share in the town of grabbing bite to eat and run into all of waffles and lulu from sanfrancisco. now for a loss. >>we acally come up here quite a bit because of that dog friendly appeal. we nd a patio at old towntap. it's 39 degrees outside, but there are heat lamps in e sun is shing so it's not too bad. downtown truckee is a great ace to walk especially with your dos. >>those seem to make friends erywhere he wander. kinds of gifts and clothinshops art galleries are. it's a bring
10:53 pm
your dobring your appetite where your sense of adventure watch your wiher travis. >>next here on kron 4 news at 10 why some bay area packers fans are being asked to go to the stadium we tried to get the liticians to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for neclean air laws d closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund publ schools. by going dirtly to the people we got results. that'sot something you see a lot of from washington these days. m tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 will we know the 49 ers
10:56 pm
are moving on to the conference cmpionship next weekend the nfc championship and but who they play won't be decided untitomorrow night in green bay, wisconsin and now the green bay packers are asking for hureds of fans help clear all the snow that's on the field. >>they put out the same call last month ter a winter storm dropped more than 6 inches of snow. some other expecting more snow overnight and are asking undreds of peoplto come out and shovel snow tomorrow morning at 06:00am so jr you can get a flight and you get there. the big game is against the seattle seahawks they want to have a clear field unclear stance. shove lawyers will get 2 an hour for all of their work and the team provides the shovels i love everything about the story en they're ready trying last time similar stuff every year will go. yeah they go an i love the community involvemt, but. >>now you couldn't pay me to do that ie i've shoveled a lot of snow on the day and uh. >>no interest whatever bk in the day back in the day think they just got to say
10:57 pm
that they shovl the snow or did they get like tickets or will it cool thing about the packe is a 's the fans that on the team that's owned by you know saw only like thousands different fans stuff and so then the fans become involved in this well you really have you now as a feeling of camaraderie uci is hat, yeah way to say thanks yeah i would be interested in that but nevertheless it's fun times over the yes anything we need to know about nday's weatr forecast just light rain about a 10th of an inch, but tonight very chilly overnight looks alright on't know a day what a day it is right have a great evening.
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